Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Peak district, twice in 2 weeks!

Hello to you all on this drizzly day!

Remember on the the last post my son was in the Peak District, well by Sunday evening so were we and not in a good way!.
We received a phone call on Sunday afternoon to say that my son wasn't well, in fact he was on the verge of hypothermia!It was the end of his second day and his group had walked over 10 miles with heavy rucksacks, in torrential rain.My son hadn't got his rain mac on in time during one of the downpours and was soaked through! Luckily he was spotted by one of the teachers at the checkpoint.Apparently he was shaking, had his head down, his body was numb.The teacher took him to one side and questioned him and realised he was ill.The problem with the first stages of hypothermia is that you don't know you've got it!

My son was so gutted not to able to carry on ,as he is quite fit, (all that kick boxing) but he's going to do it again later in the year!
The teachers were brilliant, looking after him and taking him to the tearoom in Longnor to warm him up with hot chocolate!
By the time we had driven there from Witney (2.5 hours away) he was feeling a lot better.we had traveled 140 miles to collect him, oh the joys of parenthood!
We went in the local pub for a quick half a shandy and then we drove all the the way home with my son snuggled up with his blanket and pillow in the back! He was fully recovered by the next day!

Fast forward to this weekend and Hubby and I were in the Peak district, camping by ourselves! We loved it,yes even Hubby! I know he loved it because he cooked bacon rolls for breakfast on both days.He also bought a wind up lamp from Millet's for our next trip.

Peace and quiet, we were the only ones here, apart from these guys!

We both loved the walks too! We did a 3 mile circular walk around Bakewell on the first day, such a pretty place! Then we went for a pub meal here

It rained all evening from about 8pm until the next morning, but who cares when you have bacon rolls to look forward to!

As it was raining we popped to Buxton, very nice too with some beautiful architecture.

On the way back to camp I remembered I had seen a sign for Monsal Head but I didn't know much about it.We turned off and WoW so glad we did, such a beautiful place even in light drizzle.We walked across the viaduct which was 80 ft high, amazing!.We also walked along Monsal Dale, such a beautiful place, I can't believe we haven't been there before.

We only stayed in Bakewell for 2 nights but it was such a lovely break.Of course we had to buy a Bakewell pudding to take home from this little shop!

Hope you all have a great week

Rachel x


Michela said...

I'm sorry to hear about your son, hope he's better now!
Thank your for sharing your holiday, have a great week!

lou said...

Bless him! I’m so glad he was ok in the end. Your camping trip looked lovely and well done too hubby for going camping and how can you not enjoy yourself with a bacon roll for breakfast.

Love Lou xxx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Glad all was well with your lad in the end.

Bakewell looks a lovely place to stay. We are going camping again in a few weeks, not my first choice of holiday, but the girls and DH love it, so I am outvoted! I am just praying the rain clears up.


Tabiboo said...

I'm glad your son is feeling better though shame he missed out.

Lovely holiday pictures it looks like a beautiful part of the country.

Nina x

Blueberry Heart said...

Hi, hope your son is ok now - what a phone call to get!
Lovely pics - looks like a fab time was indeed had by all there!!

BH x

Carol said...

Well who cares aboaut the weather you did have fun and thats all that matters...peace and quiet and bacon rolls....perfect.
You post has made me smile. It is pouring down here and it is too hot!
Ps we are off again this weekend to camp, come what may! xxx

Carol said...

Off to East Sussex, Bodium. This site is very very laid back! camp fires allowed which is fun.
We are taking my Dad away for a little break.
It has been one hell of a trip to organise, it will be Mums first time in a care home...which really upsets me. I just hope she is ok.

Felicity said...

Oh your poor son, hope he's on the mend now, it sounds like you had a nice time, the photos are lovely, bacon sandwiches are always more yummy when your not at home I find!! fliss xx

Rob McPhillips said...

What a shame, glad he's alright. thanks for the visit.

great photos!

Curlew Country said...

Glad to hear your son was ok in the end and you enjoyed your trip too. I live just a few miles down the road from Longnor and really enjoyed your post from a visitor's perspective.

Sometimes I forget to look properly at what's around me - thanks for the reminder, we're very lucky to live up here.

Steph x (who remembers very fondly a trip to Witney many moons ago - I wanted to move there!)


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