Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Things you will find around my home

Favourite mugs in the kitchen, red of course!

New to me jam pot from the boot, just £1

Love this metal stand which I have painted cream.I will show you when I have given it a second coat, I love it! Cost just £2 also from the boot!

A close up of a very pretty oil painting, just £4, guess where from?

These live on my bedroom window sill.

Made myself a bag to hold just a fraction of my yarn stash.

A snippet of my dresser which I would love to paint cream, but as we had it handmade I don't think I can persuade hubby at the mo.Lets just say he doesn't always see my 'vision'!

Saving the best till last, I was lucky enough to win this BEAUTIFUL print from Sam at

a HUGE THANK YOU to you, I love it. Sam sent this to me a while ago and I was hoping I would have it framed by now.Trouble is we are redecorating downnstairs and I haven't decided which room to have it in, decisions decisions!

See you soon
Rachel x


Michela said...

Hi Rachel!
lovely finds, especially the oil painting and the metal stand..can't wait to see it finished!

Felicity said...

Oh lovely, It takes me ages and ages to convince my husband if i left it to him we'd still have black ash shelves and probably a black leather sofa - yuck!!!!

i love the photos, show us more, he he!!! felicity xx

Tabiboo said...

I'm loving all the spooty stuff and red well it's got to be the best colour - ever!

Nina x

ps. the print is adorable too it definitely needs framing but of course in that absolute right place.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh lots of lovely things here, well done on winning the pretty print I'm so jealous!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...


I have just discovered your gorgeous blog which I have saved in my favourites! What lovely finds you have made.
Isabelle x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely, lovely & lovely!! Great finds & lucky you having that gorgeous print!


Anonymous said...

Love the jam pot! xxxx

Carol said...

I do love a bit of red too and your metal shelf...I have one too and I too are in the process of painting it. I paid a fair bit more for mine though! lol.
Love the print.

Anonymous said...

lucky you to have such great finds from the boot sale really must make an effort toget to some. I am lucky enough to have one of sams pics too stunning aren't they

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Ohhh, I just found you via Little Secrets from my garden. How lovely to have found a fellow red enthusiast. We have just made over our kitchen and it is now red with white and baby blue accessories.
Looking forward to reading more of your blog.
Sophie xxx

little mouses said...

Hello, thank you for your sweet message. I just read your Bros story that made me giggle! Love all your bits you have made. I'm off to add myself to your blog follow. Katie.x

gingerwine said...

Rachel - just noticed your kind mention!!
Thankyou !



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