Friday, 21 September 2007

Lots to do

You know that feeling, you've got so much to do and don't know where to start,I feel a bit like that today.I need to update my website, make things for my stall,fill in my tax return, YUK, luckily Hubby is going to help with that one, (although he doesn't know it yet) I'm not usually a list maker, but I really think I need to turn into one , to be more organised.It seems if I don't put pen to paper, all the things just mill about in my head taking up brain space that I'm sure I must need for something else!

I have been making these at the moment,
Felt brooches, they look lovely pinned to a pretty cardigan or handbag.I have also been making these , ready for Christmas!

I couldn't put these photos on the last post, so here they are(see last post)

Thanks again,

Before I go, must tell you to go over to Fredsworld There's a photo to make you smile!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Guess where I've been

No, not to London to visit the Queen,I've been to the Flea Fair at Malvern with my lovely friend K, she and her husband D are both Antique dealers.I went along to help her with her stall and I had a fantastic time!We had to get up at 4 am(that bit was a killer) and set off at around 5 am as Malvern is about an hour away from us.We arrived early so we could park near to the doors and it wasn't so far to lug all her lovely stuff and believe me K had some stuff!She sources such lovely things, china, art pottery, crystal, textiles and beautiful jewellery.K had a gorgeous wooden sleigh with metal runners, probably from the 1960's.Her stall did very well and we were busy for most of the day.We still managed to fit in lots of chat and we ate quite a bit, well, you have to keep your strength up!We stuffed ourselves, I mean we delicately nibbled on Toblerones, well, they're half price at Sainsburys at the moment!I had a good look around the other stalls and found some lovely bargains,including these

The key is huge,It's hanging off the same hook as the welcome sign to put it in context.

I also bought these beautiful brooches

I'll show you the rest of my goodies on my next post.Some of these lovely things will be going on sale on my website next week so keep a look out if you're interested,I'll be including a vintage section on it soon, exciting stuff eh?

Now last but not least, some time ago I took part in the PIF (pay it forward)exchange with Mollycupcakes And she sent me a lovely little parcel of goodies which were parceled beautifully and I took lots of photo's of the packaging and everything,Unfortunately hubby accidently deleted them BEFORE I got to post about them! Anyway I love the little gifts of pegs , all hand painted with a little twine line, a sweet little cupcake picture and a lovely cupcake card! Thankyou so much Catherine and sorry it took so long for me to post about them!I have retaken the photo's but for some stupid reason Blogger won't let me put them on this post so I shall put them on the next.
Rachel x


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