Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Flippin computers!

I just don't get them.My trouble is I have learnt simple operations like how to resize photos and put them on my website but I still can't work out what's gone wrong if it does!I have put some new products on my website but it won't' click here to enlarge' Never mind, I'll have to get hubby on to it.Although that's my trouble, he works in the 'scary computer world' so he usually sorts it out for me.It took me nearly a year to master my mobile phone and I've now eventually made my way up to an ipod!I know my limits, I'm just not technical!

This is the image I was trying to enlarge, isn't she lovely! Anyway she's over at http://rubyredcrafts.co.uk/ along with my other Vintage items. I'll be putting some more stuff on tomorrow,I've got a lovely 1950's crystal necklace with a sparkly sterling silver clasp that I can't wait to show you, I'd love to keep it myself,but I'm saving for next years holiday so it has to go!

Thankyou for all your lovely comments, I really appreciate that people take the time to leave one,TTFN

Rachel x


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