Saturday, 14 July 2007

Hey I've been Tagged!

Thank you for tagging me wasn't sure what I had to do exactly,I mean I know I have to write a list, but I don't think I know 8 other people haven't been tagged already! Anyway I'll give it a go .

  1. I hate being sick(vomiting)I'll do anything not to be sick.I'd rather lie still for 24 hours and keep it down than get it over and done with, I think it's almost a phobia!What a cheerful topic to start with hey?

  2. I love nutty chocolate,whole nut, chocolate Brazil's, peanut m&M's, etc.But I HATE fondant things like Cadburys creme eggs and strawberry cremes.I also like Revels but it's a bit like Russian Roulette with the coffee and orange ones, but hell, sometimes I like to live dangerously!

  3. I was useless at sewing when I was younger.I could knit but sewing? no.I remember at school,we had to make a wraparound skirt and do an embroidered flowers project, I never finished either of them!I started enjoying sewing when I was about 21 and had my daughter.I made her a lovely pair of pink polka dot dungarees!

  4. When I had my stall at the collectors fair a few weeks ago,Pete Docherty came in!!You know,he was in the Libertines and Baby shambles, or better known as the boyfriend of Kate Moss!He bought a guitar from one of my friends.I've now got a photo of him on my phone, he's quite sweet really!

  5. I am very untidy and a bit of a hoarder!(I tell my husband it's because I'm creative)When I decide to make something, say ,I'm looking for ribbon, I'll get out the whole box and forget to put it back! I have to try really hard to be tidy and if anyone messes things up when I have tidied , I get a BIT CROSS!

  6. I'm quite particular about cups I drink from, not because of germs or anything, but I can't drink tea or coffee from plastic beakers(when camping for instance)At home I like my tea in a china cup and I've got about 3 different cups I like to have my coffee in, ones floral, ones cream with red hearts and there's a rustic grey earthenware one I use this one more in the Autumn! Gulp..Just read this comment back and I sound like an absolute Nutter!!

  7. I love stew and dumplings, a real comfort food, especially in cold weather.My mum makes a lovely stew, ooh..I'm making myself hungry now!

  8. And finally phew..I would love to have thicker hair, mines fine and a little gust of wind makes it blow all over the place!I hate it when my fringe blows back from my face it makes me look like my dad and he's bald!Now that wasn't so bad,now I've got to find 8 people to tag!!

Friday, 13 July 2007

Corners of my Home

Thought I'd show you some little snippets of my dining room, as you've probably noticed from my blog, my favourite colour is RED! Red makes me feel really happy, when I was a child I always chose the red ice lolly, sweetie, lollipop etc.It's a colour that looks good all year round, especially at Christmas(my favourite time of year!) Anyway my dining room is decorated in red and cream, here are some piccies!The lamp on the chest of drawers was given to me by my parents,I remember it from my childhood in the seventies.I still love it to bits now, it doesn't give out much light,but it casts a lovely rosy glow in the room!The cocktail glasses were a birthday gift from one of my friends.The heart cushions on the bench, were made by me last year.I keep lots of little things on my shelf, a sweet little teddy the kids gave me for Mothers day, a photo of my mum and dad, a beautiful card that my daughter handmade for me and a cake plate, I love to serve little cupcakes on this.As I say I think RED IS BEST , what's your favourite colour and why?

Monday, 9 July 2007

Time flies.

Ican't believe it's Monday already! Isn't it lovely to have some sunshine at last!Hubby was away working so it was just me and the kids,I say kids but the eldest is now 18,I can't believe it! If you have young children, make the most of them and give them loads of cuddles and kisses, cos they grow up before you know it!Anyway I shall refer to my daughter as BID(Beautiful Intelligent Daughter) and I shall refer to my 12 year old son as CIS (Caring Intelligent Son) Blimey, he's behind me, wanting to choose his own name and we've just gone through, Little Devil, Gadget Boy, Techno Kid , Computer Kid This has gone on for 10 mins and I'm losing the will to live...He has now decided HE wants to be known as intelligent as well as his sister so we're back to my choice of CIS.He said I should be known as SST(Super Slow Typer!) Cheeky little bugger! I suggest he may have homework that he should be getting on with!I think I'm getting quicker on the old typing front, about 6 words a minute! CIS suggests I would be quicker if I use two hands on the keyboard!"How would I drink my tea then !"I reply,Honestly!Anyway this is what I've been making this week, knitted hand bags with corsages attached.I've knitted them with 3 strands of double knit so it grows quite quickly.I've made 2 for my stall in Oxford and I'll be putting 1 onto my website.I love bags do you? I have a drawer under my bed just full of them!I went to the car boot sale on Sunday,there were loads of stalls and I bought lots of pretty things.Glass jars for my ribbons and buttons in my craft room and some Silverscene collectibles (again for my stall at Oxford)I also bought these childrens hooks ,they were such a bargain!Now I need to pack my goodies ready for Thursday!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Blue skies at last!

I'm feeling in such a good mood today and it must be because of the weather!It's beautiful out there, although it may only last for a while!.I had a lovely day out yesterday with Hubby, ON OUR OWN.Much as I love my children it was so relaxing and we only had ourselves to think about!We went to Cirencester for the day, as we haven't been before.The Abbey is wonderful and the grounds are lovely for a picnic, but no picnic for us, oh no,we had a leisurely lunch with a glass of wine.It was heaven!I enjoyed the shopping, hubby didn't .He prefered waiting outside, while I whizzed around the charity shops.He's very patient bless him!He bought me a lovely bagmaking book from Waterstones for my birthday, but I've got to wait another whole month before I get it.He's going to hide it, so I don't take a sneaky peek, he knows me too well.Well thats what happens when you've been married for 20 years!Yes I was a baby when I got married, this year will be our 21st anniversary and I'm not 40 yet! And I still love him to bits!I'm posting some piccies of my buys,but I really must tear myself away from the computer as I have lots of orders to catch up with, a pair of blue baby bootees,a special Get Well Soon card and 8 mug and coaster sets!Have a lovely day everyone!

Monday, 2 July 2007

Car boot piccies!

Here are the car boot bargains that I promised I'd post.I don't know why,but the one of the piano stool has disappeared!Probably some thing to do with the camera battery!

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Busy weekend

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a lovely weekend! I've been very busy.I had a stall at the flea market and collectors fair at Burford on Saturday, which was great.I always have a great time, as the people who run it are so lovely!It's a very friendly atmosphere and if you like flea markets they have some brilliant bargains!Then the evening was spent with the family, watching Max and Paddy on DVD, they really make me laugh, I love Peter Kay!I also had to prepare for a stall, at the local pre-school summer fayre.I woke really early today, it's that car boot addiction I'm developing!I ,it's probably going to rain by the time I've got myself ready but that's fine,I can cope with it.But hey it didn't rain until I walked through the gates of the car boot! There were only about 8 cars there but there were still bargains to be had!.I bought a piano stool for £3(it's going to be a project to revamp it, it's got potential!)I bought some tiny drinks glasses and a Hello Kitty purse in red,it's really sweet.I also bought a desk lamp to light up my stall for just 50p.I was so pleased!.The afternoon was spent doing the summer fayre, which I was sure was going to be cancelled.Good news,I did really well, sold lots and took quite a few orders.The bad news ,I got soaked in a torrential downpour halfway through the afternoon!Luckily most of my goodies were wrapped in cellophane!When I returned home my lovely hubby had made a very tasty roast lamb dinner!It was delicious!I took photos of my booty bargains, unfortunately the camera battery is now flat, and so is the spare, flippin great.I'll have to post them tomorrow, as it's really late now and I'm yawning ..a lot.Got to get some sleep before another lovely day at the flea market.Do pop in if you're in the area!Here are a few photo's of my kitchen as we bloggers do like a bit of visual stimulation( ooh er missus!)


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