Monday, 19 April 2010

Challenge of the utmost kind!

I started my challenge at the end of November, I thought about it for quite a while first .

I thought it would be REALLY hard and at times it has been!
At Christmastime it got a bit difficult as I couldn't buy anything new to wear for the Christmas season.

Then as we have changed season again I'm lacking in clothes for Spring!I don't seem to have anything colourful or Springlike to wear!
You see, before I even started this challenge, I wasn't a serious shopper, I don't actually buy clothes that often, but then when you know you can't , you seem to suddenly need things!

My knee length boots leaked and I didn't have any others so Hubby bought me a pair as a gift for Valentines day, but that is the only thing I've had in the last 5 months!Oh and a fabric pen for Easter instead of a chocolate egg!
Now the car boot sales have started up, life is much easier as there are many treasures waiting to be found!

Up until now I haven't really bought clothes from the boot, I haven't got the patience to search though through rails of tightly packed clothes, I haven't wanted to get involved in the scrum either!
However I have recently found a few gems!
A pretty cardigan from Next with tags still on and 3 pretty summer skirts.I shall have to show you pictures another day as it's too dark.

As I've shown you on other posts I have found lots of pretty fabric!

Pretty china too!

Things I have done because of the challenge,

Become more creative, I have definitely spent more time creating,

Baked more, less time shopping, more time baking.This has saved me money too as I've planned menus!

Started to use the library again, I have found some gorgeous books in the last few months

I've read more blogs too, instead of buying home magazines, oh yes ladies you have inspired me!

It's been a bit liberating so far, stepping off the conveyor belt of just buying 'stuff 'everyone else has got!

I have only recently realized I am allowed to BUY handmade things, I thought the handmade thing was things I had made for myself! Duh

Etsy here I come!!

Rachel x

Sunday, 18 April 2010


First of all, thank you for your sweet comments on my yo-yoing ways, yo are all so lovely!
This morning I was up at 5.45 to go to the boot, in fact 2 boots and a village of garage sales!

Here are some of my favourite finds.The spools of machine yarn in the above photo were only 50p each!
Can't wait to use this pretty fabric!
I love this little tin, but it will go on my stall.

Whoops, the tray is upside down!

A girl can never have enough vintage buttons!

In the afternoon we made a picnic and went to the lovely Old Minster, a village a couple of miles away, we ate our lunch by the river

We spent a few hours reading, lazing, and chatting.It was lovely to be in the sunshine!

This gorgeous house was opposite us on the river. It's a beautiful house with a HUGE garden, I love the thatched roof!

Now we are back home and the Hubster is cooking Steak in peppercorn sauce and chips for tea, followed by homemade chocolate mousse! Naughty but very nice!

I shall have to do my gardening tomorrow as I ran out of time!

I shall be back tomorrow with tales of my Challenge of the Utmost Kind!

Rachel x

Friday, 16 April 2010

Yo-yo Bracelets and pincushions

Ahh yes, I have been yo-yoing again, and yes it does seem to be a little addiction of mine!

I don't seem to be able to stop making them!
I haven't added the buttons to this one yet but i'm just trying it on for size.

I have made lots of these for mself for the Spring and Summer and I've popped some in the RubyRed Tiny Shop too!

I've also been making pincushions with fabric from my stash

See! Even these have yo-yo's on!

Have a wonderwul weekend!

I intend to get out into the garden

Rachel x

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Brown paper packages...

tied up with string
These are a few of my favourite things! For definite!!
This gorgeous parcel arrived this afternoon!
Look at these cuties! Aren't they adorable!So beautifully handknitted!I love their little faces!
OOhh the cute green brooch and pink polka dot cupcases, so sweet!
And look at the lovely knitted egg and a cute pink button!
I love this darling little teacup button and the sweet cake cases! they will both be put to good use!

I shall take it upon myself to make sure these gorgeous choocies get eaten, it's a tough job, but someones gotta do it!!

Thank you so very much Ali at are so generous, and such sweet gifts! I 'm so lucky to have won your wonderful giveaway! I think I shall keep the little bunnies on my dresser all year round!Much oohhing and aahhing took place whilst opening this gorgeous parcel and a little tear may have welled in my eye!

Rachel x

Monday, 12 April 2010

Booting Treasure!

Sorry I didn't post about the blogs yet, but I wasn't expecting all that glorious sunshine! I have been outdoors gardening and doing makeovers on small pieces of furniture.

I have also been to the boot, it was fantastic and turned up some real treasures.The mugs in the first photo came from the boot, I love them, ideal for a large mug of tea or coffee!
Love this pretty cushion, it has been freshly laundered and will be going on my stall!
Cute little 'tea for one' set, this is brand new.
I adore this pretty little vintage tin and as much as I love finding pretties for my customers, this one may be staying at my house!
These vintage knitting needles made me laugh! I had a lovely green pair too, but they slipped onto my wooden floor and the end snapped off one!So annoying!
These are double pointed needles, bouht these from the same lady, and these too

I especially love the green ones!

Right I'd better get back to my painting while the sun is out!

I shall be back tomorrow to tell you about the lovely blogs, no, really I will!

I have more treasures to show you too!

Have a lovely day!

Rachel x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter tree and other happenings!

Hello lovely ladies!

This post is a bit late for 2 reasons

1 I'm not happy with the photos, this little 'tree' looks much prettier in real life!

2 We had expected and unexpected guests over Easter, which was lovely, but I was so busy cooking up a storm I never got the chance to take anymore photos, but never mind.

We had a lovely Easter filled with family visits to us.I didn't actually eat any chocolate over Easter. I didn't have an egg as I needed a fabric pen so the Hubster bought me a pen for my Easter gift and I'm so glad he did as I've been making these
I needed the pen for their little faces!

I couldn't buy a pen because of 'The Challenge' so I had a pen instead of an egg. See how I suffer for my work! Giggle, not really, my sister bought me an egg, bless her and I'm chuffing it as I write this post!
I have popped one of the Teddy Garlands in my Etsy shop

We also started working on the garden and mowed the grass for the first time! Just love that smell don't you? So fresh and you can smell Spring in the air, just love it!

Tomorrow I shall be on my little stall in Witney selling my goodies, I think it's meant to be a nice day, fingers crossed!

I have some new stock of vintage linens, a pretty tablecloth and some tray cloths for my stall.

I have really enjoyed looking at your blogs over Easter, although I could only hop on the computer when I had the odd spare minute, usually, early in the morning or late at night!
There have been some gorgeous Easter trees and Easter tables in blogland.
I don't mind not being able to buy home magazines when I have so many gorgeous blogs to read!
I'll tell you more about those tomorrow!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Rachel x

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

May you all have a wonderful time with friends and family.May you eat lots of chocolate, and hot cross buns and be happy!

Even if the weather is wet!

I'll show you my Easter tree tomorrow as I can't take a photo at the mo!

I'm off to bake more cupcakes!

Rachel x

Thursday, 1 April 2010

I've been tagged by the lovely Sophie and I've been given this Award

That's so sweet of you Sophie, thank you so much!

Anyway I have to tell you 7 things about myself so here goes!

  1. I hate the adverts for Maltesers! The one where the lady is horrible to her husband.I know' it's only an advert but it irritates me!A lot!

  2. I am very untidy(I say creative) In fact hubby teases me that I only take macro shots for my blog and that my blogging chums will never see a wide angle view!

  3. I used to live in a caravan until I was 4. My dad had blown the deposit for the house on a van! I loved it as it was in the country, it was a large mobile home. My mum wasn't so keen and couldn't wait to buy a house!

  4. I can make myself burp! What an amazing skill I hear you say, that must be so useful! But I can't curl my tongue!

  5. I shall be getting a dog this month! I really really want a dog.I never thought I would but I've really wanted one for a WHOLE year but it took me ages to persuade Hubby!I thought I was more of a cat person.We had our lovely cat Peanut for 20 years but he sadly died just over a year ago!

  6. I'm taking part in Dottie Angel's Challenge of The Utmost kind and I've just gotten past the first 4 months.It's not been too bad so far. But now we have a change in season I'm going to find it much more difficult!I need Spring clothes. I can see I may have to resort to making skirts from old sheets soon!The Challenge has definitely made me become more creative though!
  7. I like to 'make' something everyday, stitched, knitted or even baked a cake. Makes me think I've achieved something!

So there are my 7 things now I would to pass this award to the following beautiful bloggers . They make me smile!

A Thrifty Mrs



Sarah-Jane Down The Lane

The Hen House

Stitchery Pokery

Bunny Mummy

Have a lovely day!

Rachel x


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