Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Such Kindness

There are some people in the world who are very kind, well ......just because they are, I am lucky to know such a person.,.. she may live across the pond and we have never met, but she is the sweetest kindest soul.She is of course the lovely Paula at http://sugarsweetandpink.blogspot.co.uk/
Her kindness doesn't just extend to me, but lots of others in Blogland too!

Anyway a few weeks ago a pretty parcel arrived in the post, I was peeling spuds at the time( such a glam life I lead) I heard the letterbox clunk and just thought it would be more bills or junk mail but no, it was  beautifully wrapped parcels for me!

Look at the pretty yo yo tag and gingham ribbon, gorgeous!

When I opened it it bought a tear to my eye it was the cutest EVER handmade doll! I mean utterly ADORABLE!!

 Dressed in my favourite colour too! Look at the teeny tiny collar

 And look at the adorable shoes, lets have a closer look, too cute!!She has such cute heart shaped lips, in fact her whole face is beautifully embroidered!

But that wasn't the only parcel Paula sent , look at these too, gorgeous trims she sent and heart shaped buttons and such a pretty card which I've pinned up in my tiny craft room, will show you that another time!

So thank you again my lovely friend Paula, you are the best!!

The sunshine is here today, I did a spot of garden clearing today much more to be done though.
I've also been enjoying lots of crochet, will show soon!
Have a lovely day!
Rachel x


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