Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Snippets

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!
Ours was lovely, but it seemed very short, as the Hubster and son only had 2 days off from work.
Our daughter came home for a few days and we also visited our family in Birmingham the weekend before Christmas.
It was wonderful  and chaotic at the same time.
Old and new favourite ornaments on the tree
I was a very lucky gal and received some lovely gifts, here are a few of them.
And look what I found at Oxford market, a very lucky find indeed!!A Magpie and The Wardrobe Doll!
Hope you all Have a Happy New year!Whether it be a quiet one, or party time!
We are having a gathering with friends.I'm down to make pavlovas and brownies
While the house is quiet I shall have a bit of hooky time and trawl Ravelry with a cuppa!
Rachel x

Thursday, 13 December 2012

F..f..f... freezing!!

Oh my word, sooo cold and frosty today! I should be having a stall in Oxford but it is just TOO cold to stand outdoors all day!
I have been keeping warm and cosy indoors and making these. I have nearly finished my handmade presents now, I've really enjoyed it! 

Must start on my Christmas baking soon, haven't made any mince pies yet, but that doesn't mean I haven't eaten any!Tee Hee!
My dad has already asked if I'm making Nigella Christmas Rocky Road this year!
I've been using up some of my vintage sheet stash to make tea towels, don't know why I haven't done this sooner as they're quite quick to make!

We haven't put our tree up yet but the spiders have  done a lovely job of decorating the garden

They've been very busy!!

We'll probably do the tree tomorrow, helped by a few cheeky Baileys
Keep cosy and warm wherever you are!
Happy weekend to you!(I know it's only Thurs, but it feels like it to me!)
Rachel x

Friday, 7 December 2012

Still at it!

Oh yes, I've still been making handmade Christmas presents. Usually every year I attempt handmade gifts, but I never do as many as I'd like , but this year I'm really trying hard and I'm enjoying it too!
Usually I buy 1 new decoration per year , but this year I've made my own Snowmen, from one of the brilliant Tilda books.Made them from a cotton sheet and my sisters old curtains!
I've also started on my handmade Christmas cards too, so chuffed that I managed to learn to crochet simple snowflakes, still can't work out how to do a star though!
I've started a granny blanket too...dont know whether I'll get that finished in time...we'll see.
Also been making more brooches for my nieces and my little Etsy shop
I love to see everyones Christmas makes, trees and festivities on their blogs at this time of year
Anyway I must pop to the post office, better pick up stamps for my cards, that'll be a small fortune then!
Have a wonderful weekend
I'm off to London tomorrow to have a girly day with my daughter, shopping (Caravan)and Columbia Rd and exhibitions, can't wait!
Rachel x


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