Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Red is Best

I think I am loving Pinterest too much!
How about you?

Rachel x

Monday, 27 June 2011


 This past week has been full of things to celebrate!
My daughter came back from Brighton for a few days and while she was home her Degree results came through. I am so proud as she received a  1st class with Honours!!She has worked so hard on her course, setting up an art magazine that she has sold all over the world she really does deserve it!
It was the Hubsters birthday too,  a double celebration so we went out for a family meal.This was my choice.Chicken and Smoky Bacon Cheesy Avocado bake, it was delicious!

 My daughter also made a Chocolate Brownie cake which my son decorated with fresh raspberries and   cream!A team effort!
One of my gifts to the Hubster was a day out in London. We went to the Titantic exhibition at The O2.An amazing experience, although very sad and  moving  too!We also visited here   which was fascinating! Not for the faint hearted though!
We nipped to Covent Garden for an icecream and a wander. Lots of people were buying the Paella, it smelt delicious!
We had already eaten here  the Mousakka was gorgeous! It really was a lovely day out!
Yesterday I went to an Open Gardens at a local village with my friend Karen!Here are some piccies from the event!                                                                                                                                                                                

I found out that I loved Philedelphus athlough I have not got a picture of it!
Must get me one of those!
Thank you for all the Pergola advice, you were all very helpful, I knew I could rely on you!
It has taken me ages to write this post, the text is all over the place, I have fiddled and faffed for ages but can't get it right!
Rachel x

Monday, 20 June 2011

In the garden...

My brother has been kindly building a Pergola for us, in between the summerhouse and the patio.
I am sooo pleased with it.
He built it in a weekend(I did help though, sanding and chiseling)
But I am still painting it. It.Is.Taking. For. Ever!!
My bro advised me to keep it wood coloured , but I couldn't, mainly because the idea in my head is a country cream pergola covered with sweet scented roses. But also because the trellis is the colour of David Dickinsons tan!Not the look I was aiming for really. It is taking me ages to finish due to all the rainshowers but I'm hoping to get it done this week!
I've bought a pretty bench in a sale at too!
I think we will use sleepers and gravel for paving underneath or we will never get it finished in time to enjoy it!

I have been potting up plants too!Love the Lavetera as it grows so quickly.
I know lots of you ladies are brilliant gardeners and I'm wondering if you could recommend any fast climbers or scented roses!
Hey, hey, Suns out, so painting here I come!
Have a great week!

Rachel x


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