Thursday, 4 June 2009

Brighton exhibition

Phew, she says wiping brow, it's been a busy few days, I made lots of stock for my stall and sold lots today such beautiful weather too which always makes a difference.I was so inspired and refreshed by the Vintage and handmade fair it got me in a creative mood!

Last week we went off to Brighton , to visit my daughter's exhibition.She organised the exhibition for the 1st year students on the critical fine art course.My daughter's the one on the left with the gorgeous red hair, in party gear!

Here she is at her school prom with one of her good friends nearly 4 years ago, gosh time flies!

Anyway now she's at Brighton uni and loving it!.The exhibition was inspired by the credit crunch, it was called 99p and the students had to produce an art piece that only cost up to 99p for their materials, they had to be very inventive!I loved these pictures that one of the girl's painted of her dad, onto newspaper.

The piece underneath was created by a girl who works in a chip shop at weekends.The same little old lady goes into the chippy all the time to buy her tea, so the girl has drawn images of the lady hundreds of times on the back of old receipts from the shop!

This was my daughters piece entitled Fabrication.She spent weeks on this piece, collecting the fabric, coming home to raid my stash of fabrics, she used an old sheet for the letters, felt would've been ideal but cost more than 99p, she spent the money on thread! She had to do turned applique too as Bondaweb cost more than 99p. the letters go from junk at the top to Gold at the bottom!

Her fellow students were very appreciative of all her hard work and bought her stunning bouquet and a bottle of champagne! How lovely!What do you think of the vase? She wasn't being arty, she just didn't have a vase!

It was my daughters birthday recently too, so I made her a Nigella chocolate and Guinness cake, such an easy recipe that I got from this lovely lady

It was delicious!

Remember the other day I mentioned asking about gardening advice,nwell I shall be back tomorrow to show you pitures of it, it could do with a little work, actually a lot of work!

Rachel x


Alexandra said...

Fantastic artwork! How impressive!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Fabulous & a lot of fun too!


Alison said...

Oh what a great idea for an exhibition & what wonderful creative ideas too.
I just love it!


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