Thursday, 1 May 2008

Just a little Tip...

Don't ever try to stuff a handful of pins into a pincushion using one hand as inevitably one of the said pins will be upside down and the pin will stick deep into your finger!Also do not try to be clever and take a picture of the poorly finger for your blog (how sad is that?) the picture will be crap and you will get blood on hubby's camera.

Now onto more cheerful news,my friend Karen and I had a lovely time at the Grand Sale at Sydelle Castle last Friday.There were lots of gorgeous stalls and one stall in particular caught my eye as the lady had lots of Greengate stuff.Then I spied a wooden box with pretty letters on which I recognised from Julia's turned out that the lady was Julia's good friend Andrea.It was lovely to meet her and have a little chat!She was selling these sweet little birds and I needed one
I also bought this gorgeous fabric from another stall for only £2!It's a bit of an odd shape but I reckon I can get 2 cushion fronts out of it.

I have meaning to tell you about these for a while now .I bought the memo holder from Alison at In fact I bought two as they were so lovely!Alison very kindly sent me a free gift as I was her first customer(the lovely cream hook below).Do pop over and see her lovely new website at She's got some very pretty items!
Tomorrow and for the rest of the bank holiday weekend I will be running my stall at Burford will be booting on Sunday, weather permitting.Hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend!
Rachel x


julia said...

Aren't those birds cute! It's dangerous having Andrea as a friend because I get to see her stuff before anyone else, hence the doormat. Glad you enjoyed your day there, now go and run your finger under the tap, I did exactly the same this morning and the air was blue!!
Julia x

mollycupcakes said...

You poor thing, those naughty pins are always just waiting to give us all a little prick lol (sorry that's so rude hehe!)

I hope it's not to sore.
Loving the bird, fabric and wire heart. I couldn't resist buying one of them from Alison too. Gorgeous just gorgeous.

Lucky you living so close to the cotwolds, I'd love to be in that pat of the world. Oh well one day soon. Fingers crossed.


Catherine x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Ooohh your poor finger!
Thank you for the mention, I am so glad you liked your goodies!
I wish I lived close enough to come along and see your stall, hope you have a great weekend.
Love Alison x

Katherines Dream said...

Ouch...I had one of those recently and blobbed it on my embroidery!very annoying.
I will be visiting Burford on the Bank hol Monday will you be there? Cxx


I have one of those memo holders. Of course I had to have one being in the shape of a heart! Have a great Bank Holiday weekend and good luck with your Cotswold Country Event. x

Rosezilla said...

Oh, I love the material with the women washing clothes! Sorry about your finger...when that happens, just suck on it. Makes it feel better and keeps you from saying anything snarky.


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