Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Catching up

Hooray!I'm slowly catching up at last.The decorations are up, lots of presents are wrapped and cards written, but not yet delivered.Saturday will be mainly spent baking lots of goodies.Can't wait for Christmas day now!

This afternoon I popped into Witney to buy some last minute prezzies, but mainly because I needed to have some passport photos taken,what a palaver!Firstly, I have not got a technical brain, my mind just turns into mulch when faced with instructions on machines.You have to choose what type of photos you want then press the button, then put the right money in, but not in a slot, in a metal bit that sticks out, then you have to push this forward, one coin at a time, unfortunately the machine didn't like my last £1 coin and kept spitting it out while I fumbled in my purse in a panic in case my time ran out.

Then the machine started to talk to me and totally confused me, as I was trying to read the instructions on the screen at the time.

You aren't allowed to have a fringe on your forehead also you are meant to have your ears on show, I kid you not!Well at the last second my hair fell forward and covered my ears and I stared madly at the screen, eyes wide( the flash usually makes me blink).I know, you're probably thinking this woman sounds like a loon. I'm in a fit of giggles as I write this, as I'm such an idiot about such supposedly simple things .

I thought I'd have 3 more attempt to get it right,well that's what happened last time I had my passport picture done, 10 years ago, but no, I pressed the button to say ok after the first one and that was it.It started to print 4 photos of the same image out, I look stunned on the photo,well I was, very, but I couldn't be bothered to pay another £4, it will have to do for the next 10 years!

Now I know how old people feel with all this new fangled machinery!Blogger's also giving me grief and won't let me upload any photos tonight!

Back to making the handmade presents now and I've just ate a gorgeous mince pie that my daughter and her boyfriend made, they're lovely and buttery with orange zest in the pastry, yum!Wishing you all Good Luck with your Christmas prep!Don't get too stressed.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Sooo.. behind

Yep, I am just so behind with my Christmas prep this year.I haven't MADE Christmas cards yet let alone send them!In fact the only ones I've made and sent were to my in-laws in Spain.That's a story in itself.I made them a parcel of Christmas goodies, nothing to heavy,Thornton's choccies Scottish shortbread, slippers , crossword book and body cream.My daughter and myself rushed to the post office and as there wasn't a parking space, I drove very slowly around the block while she went to post it .Well,10 minutes later she returned still clutching the parcel.You're not gonna believe it mum, but it's gonna cost £ 29 to send it so I thought I 'd better let you think about it .It took me ooh 1 second to decide,we'll have to go home and take something out.Apparently it costs about £10 to send a 2 kilogram parcel but anything over that goes up dramatically.In effect,we took out the shortbread and the crossword book which cost about £5 and saved ourselves £19, how ridiculous is that( hope my mo in law doesn't read this blog as I've just ruined the surprise)

We haven't put our tree up yet as we've just had a very busy weekend.The school Christmas fair on Friday went really well.I sold lots and had lots of lovely comments about my stuff.I was up at 6 am on Saturday morning as I had the local craft fair to do.It was all very festive but I had a very slow start.Around lunch time I had a customer with a Cath Kidston bag and I had a feeling she might like my stuff.She was a lovely lady and she bought handfuls of Christmas decs and a garland I also had lovely friends popping in to see me during the afternoon which made time pass more quickly.Cups of tea, toasted tea cakes and gossip do that don't they.My lovely daughter came to see me on her lunch break and then she returned to help me pack away at 4 pm.Then it was back home for a bath and to dye my hair before going out for a Christmas meal and disco with friends.Oh yeah, I know how to live it up lol we were back home by 12.30 having a cup of tea!Some of the others went out clubbing but we were too knackered!Obviously we'd over done it at the disco Ha all that strutting to Beyonce! We were going to put the tree up on Sunday but were too tired to get it all out of the loft .I think we'll do it tomorrow.We like to play Christmas music and have some hot mince pies while hanging up the decs.What are your family Christmas traditions?

Bought these at the car boot for£1, aren't they pretty! Must get back to my sewing now as I've got 2 more events this week.Thank you for all your lovely comments wishing me Good Luck at the craft fairs.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Christmas prep

Hi all, haven't been around for a while to blog but I have been reading other peoples.I love looking at all the Christmas preparations and photos.Have you seen Cherry's gingerbread house, its adorable ! Also I popped by happylovesrosie to see their Christmas photos and ther house looks wonderful.Manda at treefall has made a gorgeous Elf cushion using an IKEA table runner, she's so artistic!

Thank you so much for the lovely comments you've been leaving on my posts.I love to read them.

she was very kind to mention my website on her blog as she'd made a large order of goodies.It's lovely to keep in touch with customers.Pop over to visit her blog, I'm sure she'd be pleased to hear from you.

Congratulations to the first three people who left comments on my last post, (PIF Exchange)a little gift will be on its way to you tomorrow.I've got lots of parcels to post so I expect tomorrow will find me in a very long queue at the post office.Today was spent cleaning the dining room and I mean a proper clean ready for Christmas, dusty skirting boards and everything!

It's such a busy week again as I have the market in Oxford on Thursday,a Christmas fair on Friday evening and a craft fair in Witney on Saturday.Good luck to all of you who are also doing craft fairs, hope you all do really well!


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